Italian for foreigners

An Italian language school you will fall in love with!

The atmosphere of this school, like any other place, is created above all by the people. Genuine fascinators of this beautiful country who carry it in their hearts. You can see it, hear it and maybe even feel it. Once you’ve decided to go on an Italo adventure with Vicolo Italiano you will feel truly looked after and guided. 

We are putting you in good hands. But be aware: crossing the threshold of Vicolo Italiano, an extraordinary Italian language school, risks becoming addicted and reluctant to leave!

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We practice lively teaching techniques: as much practice as possible, as little theory as possible. We limit the use of Polish to a minimum, even in groups which are just beginning their language adventure. But don’t worry – our teachers know how to communicate so that you understand as much as possible, so that you feel nothing but pleasant emotions during the lessons, and so that you don’t feel any stress!

Let’s learn about the letter A… let’s use props! Let’s learn about occupations with a memory game! How about dusting off old photos so we can assimilate holiday content? Wheel of Fortune, puns, board games and many more! Is there something you are particularly passionate about? Tell us about it! After all, no one said you can only learn a language according to the syllabus offered by the textbook!

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Our Italian course is unique

Classes at Vicolo Italiano are..






Get to know your new lecturer –

Carla, in her own words, comes from the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia. She loves travelling, discovering new cultures, learning foreign languages and exploring the literature of these countries. Her leisure time is best spent with her family and friends. She has two cats that she loves more than anything: Feliz and Kora.

Vicolo Italiano is not just about learning Italian….


At our school you will not only acquire new knowledge, but also relax. Do you feel like blending in with the atmosphere of our perfectly designed space before lessons? Come along to our mini café! Indulge in the flavours, smells and cool atmosphere!


Each of our rooms is a kind of COMFORT zone: swings, pouffes, deckchairs… (rest assured, we have comfortable chairs too!). To take full advantage of this, the halls are a shoe- and outerwear-free zone. You leave your shoes and jackets in the designated area. This way you can really feel at home!

Vicolo Italiano LIBRARY

Newspapers, Italian-language books to consolidate the language, but also books in our native language with Italian in the background. We promise to keep expanding our library so that everyone can find something for themselves, something they fancy at the moment – over a cup of tea in our Nook or in the comfort of their home.


We invite you to join us for inspiring and EXCITING Italian language classes


Stationary groups of 4-6 people


All materials included in the price


Beverages (Italian coffee, tea, lemonade)

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